Ephemeral content has been on the rise in the world of social media for some time now but it is now moving firmly onto centre stage. If I’ve already lost you and you’re feeling confused, read on as I’m going to talk you through what ephemeral content actually is and why you should consider embracing it as part of your business’s social media strategy.

What is ephemeral content?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word ephemeral means: “lasting a very short time”.

If you spend any time on popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to name but a few, then you will have come across ephemeral content in the form of Stories; a type of social media post that, typically, is publically visible for only 24 hours.

Stories have transformed social media over the last couple of years.

Having started out on Snapchat, Stories really hit the mainstream when Instagram developed their own version of Stories. Instagram Stories is now used by more than 500 million users every day! What’s more, Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp have now introduced their own versions of Stories, with LinkedIn said to be testing their own version also.

If you’re using social media to grow your business then you really can’t afford to overlook Stories!

Why bother creating content that only lasts for 24 hours?

It takes an investment of time, energy and, sometimes, money to create high-quality, engaging content to share on social media. Is it really worth making that investment in something that will only exist for 24 hours?

Don’t underestimate the impact that can be made in 24 hours.

Please don’t think that because Stories only stick around for 24 hours that you can’t reach a significant number of people. Millions of people are viewing Stories every day; there is huge potential to tap into there!

Get the content right and create stories that people want to watch and come back to day-after-day and you may even find that your reach on Stories ends up outstripping your reach on “traditional” social media posts.

Which platform should you be focusing on?

At the time of writing this post, Instagram is by far and a way the leader when it comes to Stories. Instagram attracts significantly more users than other platforms, including the original creator of Stories – Snapchat.

If your ideal clients are hanging out on Instagram then Stories should be as much a focus within your social media marketing strategy as the “main” Instagram feed.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s the only platform that matters. Whilst it’s not a great idea to try be everywhere all at once, after all, you more than likely don’t have limitless resources to invest into social media, the popularity of Stories is growing rapidly and most of the major platforms are working hard to keep up. As each platform establishes their own version of stories and their user bases become accustomed to using this type of feature, more opportunities will arise for businesses to expand their reach.

If you’re stuck for ideas as to what to post in your Stories, then you might want to check out this post where I’m sharing 20 ideas to get your business started on Stories.

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