The Art of Instagram

Learn how to use Instagram with ease and confidence to grow your business online

You’ve tried to go it alone. You’ve been playing around and trying things out but you don’t seem to be getting anywhere fast. Or it may be that you’re unsure where to even start so you’ve been putting it off for quite some time now…

Why is it that everyone else seems to know the secret to Insta success, and yet it’s still a mystery to you?

Even when you’ve given it your best shot, something feels not quite right.  You’re not making an impact in the way you’d like to.  Your message isn’t shining through.  And all you seem to get in return is a ton of bizarre comments from random people (who you suspect might not actually be real people at all!)

If you’re sick of the ‘great shot’, ‘keep up the good work’, ‘pretty sweet’, ‘awesome’ kinda comments and think it’s about time you started interacting with real people who resonate with your message and have the potential of becoming paying customers then you are in exactly the right place.

The truth is, Instagram isn’t just for the popular kids! There is still ample opportunity for you to make your mark on Instagram and use it as a tool to grow your business.

This programme will teach you how to create posts that stand out from the masses, whether you’re building a product or service based business! It will show you how to use Instagram to build a crowd of your most passionate fans and how to turn those fans into paying customers.

What’s included?

Throughout the course of the programme, you will work through a six-stage process to transform your Instagram account, grow your audience and build your business!

  • Access to an online member’s area in which you will find all of the course content including; bite-sized video lessons, worksheets and tutorials.
  • All of the lessons and resources can be accessed online and they are yours to keep so you’ll also be able to return to the course whenever you need to refresh or uplevel your strategy.
  • Ongoing support in the exclusive Facebook group.
  • A monthly live masterclass in the Facebook group.

Get started today for one payment of £97 or spread the cost over 3 months!

Intro to Instagram

We’ll lay the foundations for your success with an introduction to Instagram and I’ll be helping you to suss out where Instagram fits into your marketing strategy.


Supercharge Your Stories

Discover the power of Instagram Stories and learn how to use Stories to captivate your audience! We’ll also tackle the techy side of creating content in Instagram, covering everything from geotags to stickers, and more.

Power Up Your Profile

You’ll learn how to optimise your Instagram account with simple power-ups that will make your profile more discoverable and will entice in new followers.

Attract an Authentic Audience

Nail your hashtag strategy, explore collaborations and learn how to attract an authentic audience who will fall in love with your business! We’ll also be looking at how to use Instagram analytics with ease to up-level your strategy.

Create Compelling Content

Learn how to create content with ease and how to craft an Instagram feed that truly shines! You’ll learn what to post, how to manage your content, and we’ll demystify all things grid, theme and pattern related.

Passionate Fans to Paying Customers

This is the aim of the game! In this final module we’ll focus on turning those passionate fans you’ve created into paying customers.

The Art of Instagram is an amazing program. Beckie has broken it down into quick easy action steps and now this is a social media platform that I love being on. Before this Instagram was a platform that scared me. I thought it was just for celebrities, now I can see how I can use it for my business. I have enjoyed this course so much and would highly recommend it. Thank you Beckie x

Yvonne Seymour

Yvonne Seymour Training

I love Instagram and although I’d been using it for a couple of years I really wanted to take it to the next level and focus on the right areas for my business. Beckie’s guidance and immense knowledge is amazing and I’ve made some bold decisions and experimented with a new look for my feed which I now love. In the ever-changing world of social media, there’s no point wasting time repeating the same mistakes which is why I always listen to Beckies advice, lessons and support.

Sarah Cornforth

The Magical Creatrix

Wow! I just had a Facebook Live hot seat coaching session with Beckie from Infinity within her “Art of Instagram” group. This girl is damn GOOD at social media for biz. She’s cleared the Instagram fog for me and has given me permission to have just ONE Instagram account and to do it in my own way.
Amanda Alexander

The Magnificent You Project

Who Is Beckie Coupe?

Beckie is a social media expert, founder of Infinity and author of The Social Media Handbook for Soulful Entrepreneurs.

Having worked in social media marketing for over 12 years, she has helped hundreds of business owners to gain the confidence and the know-how to use social media in a way that is soulful, successful and sustainable. So, get ready to show up, stand out and build the online business of your dreams!