Social Media Strategy Calls

1-2-1 Input Into Your Social Media Strategy

Walk away with a laser-focused social media plan for your business, with easy to follow action steps that will help you grow your audience and build your business online.

It’s time to ditch the trial and error approach and get crystal clear on the results you want from your social media marketing and the steps you need to take to get there.

It’s so easy to throw some posts onto social media, cross your fingers and hope for the best but, more often than not, you’ll find that the results are unpredictable. Something works well for a while, people are commenting, liking, sharing, and then…nothing.

Where has everyone disappeared to?

This is where a strategy (one that you actually use!) is worth its weight in gold. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it will get you RESULTS.

  • You attract the RIGHT followers
  • Your posts will get seen by more and more people without you spending a fortune on advertising
  • You’ll stop feeling like you’re talking to a brick wall!
  • You’ll no longer feel like you’re at the mercy of algorithms
  • You’ll break the boom and bust cycle and start to get consistently good reach and increased engagement.
  • You’ll save yourself so much time and energy because you’ve already thought through your strategy, and you can now concentrate on taking action!

Let’s work together and get you on the path to success!

How it works…

For a one-off payment of £100 all of the following will be included within your social media strategy session:

  • 1 hour 1-2-1 call (usually over Skype)
  • Custom action plan – making it super easy to implement your new strategy
  • 2 weeks of email / messenger support.
  • 15 minute follow up call to review your strategy, address any areas that you need additional help and support with and discuss your next step.

My strategy call with Beckie has been worth extremely worthwhile. I now have a clear plan of what to post and how to mix posts to appeal to different audiences.

Not only that, I now post less frequently and have increased engagement significantly, so quality over quantity wins the day. Beckie certainly is your girl if you want clarity and focus in terms of what to do about your business’s social media.

Gill Wilkinson

GMW Interiors

Working with Beckie to improve bookings for our holiday business has been great. She is so well organised and professional, she kept telling me I didn’t need to take notes and boy was she right – her follow up notes were comprehensive and really useful. She sent us some resources to try out and gave us the confidence we needed to improve our social media profile. We have started to get bookings via our facebook page and website so it is definitely working!!

Dave & Ali Kurley

Dolittle Holidays

I really enjoy working with Beckie on a strategy call. We are literally “hanging out together” getting rid of any fears regarding social media. No jargon – oh, no, just plain talking in language that makes sense and means something. Time taken for an overview of existing activity, and in-depth conversation with regard to the way forward in easy bite-sized steps.
Incredible value for money and support from someone that shares her vast, professional knowledge in a way that is best suited to your business needs!
Tracey Baxter

The Life Laundrette

Who Is Beckie Coupe?

Beckie is a social media expert, founder of Infinity and author of The Social Media Handbook for Soulful Entrepreneurs.

Having worked in social media marketing for over 12 years, she has helped hundreds of business owners to gain the confidence and the know-how to use social media in a way that is soulful, successful and sustainable. So, get ready to show up, stand out and build the online business of your dreams!