This is a topic that comes up time and time again! How can I make time for social media when I have so many other things to do?

I know that you’re a busy business owner and social media is just one of the tasks on your ever-growing to do list. You want to post more, you want to be more consistent, and most of all, you want to see your social media blossom, but how on earth can you find the time to make that happen?!

Step One – Make Social Media A Priority

You and me, we’re friends right? So I don’t mind admitting to you that a couple of years ago I was like a mechanic whose car wouldn’t start. Or a window cleaner with dirty windows.

I invested all of my time and energy into the work I do for my clients and nowhere near enough time into my own marketing, including social media. I had convinced myself that because my clients are my #1 priority, I didn’t have room to do anything more with my own social media.  I would try to fit it in here and there, in amongst everything else, but it wasn’t getting the attention it deserved.

What I realised is that my own business development AND my client work have to be joint #1 priorities! If you don’t invest the time into working on your business, as well as in it, then you won’t be helping all those people who need you.

Your crowd are out there, ready and waiting to hear from you! Why would you leave them out in the cold?
If you can reach them via social media, your blog posts or your emails, isn’t it about time you made those things a priority?

Don’t be tempted to just try to grab 5 minutes here or there to stick something on Facebook. Dedicate real time to your marketing and take responsibility for making it happen.

Step Two – Invest In Your Social Media Strategy

This doesn’t necessarily have to be a monetary investment although, of course, you can invest in helping to create and fine tune your social media strategy.

What it does require is an investment of your time.

If you’re working with a coach or social media manager to develop your strategy, it still needs your input of time and energy, and it’s absolutely worth investing in! You will find that managing your social media becomes soooo much easier when you have a plan to follow.

A good social media strategy will cover everything from what you need to do on a daily/weekly/ monthly basis to keep things running consistently and the actions you need to take over time to move things forward.  It will also give you the peace of mind that you are spending your time on the right platforms and not wasting time or resources unnecessarily.

Step Three – Make Content Creation A Habit, Rather Than A Chore

There should be times that you set aside for content creation and treat as non-negotiable fixtures in your work schedule.  However, there is nothing worse than sitting down to create content and being faced with a blank screen or piece of paper!

If you put yourself under that kind of pressure to create content then the task will become all the more difficult.
Instead, start to make content creating and capturing ideas a habit rather than a task.  I guarantee that you have thoughts throughout the day about your business, your product or service and your crowd that could be used in your content. It’s a case of tuning into those ideas, becoming more conscious as they pass through your mind and getting into the habit of capturing them.

Some ideas may come out almost fully formed, whereas others may be just a word or a question; start acknowledging them and capture them (whether in a notebook, on your phone, on a Trello board, wherever!) and when you sit down to create content using all of those notes as your starting point.

Step Four – Schedule Your Social Media Posts In Advance

Once you’ve created the content you’re going to share, the hard part is done, but now the important thing is to ensure that you’re making the most of those posts and sharing them in the best possible way.

Scheduling your social media posts in advance, using a tool like Hootsuite, ContentCal or Facebook Publishing Tools (my personal favourites), gives you the opportunity to check in with your strategy and ensure;

  • You’ve thought about the frequency of your posts
  • There’s reasoning behind the times at which you’re posting
  • You have a good, balanced mix of content

Of course, it also saves time because you schedule a batch of social media posts in one sitting and then let them run their course, rather than having to pop into social media every few hours to send a tweet or post something on your Facebook Page.

There you have it, a four-step process that even the busiest business owner can use to make time for social media and make it worth it!

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