June has proved to be a busy month in the social media world with Facebook, in particular, pushing full steam ahead with its latest round of updates.

Here’s the low-down on Facebook’s newest features and a number of new tools that are currently being tested:

Subscription Groups for Admins

Facebook has been saying for some time that they are keen to invest in Groups and develop new ways to support Groups admins to help their communities to grow on Facebook.

They have now announced that a ‘subscription groups’ will be piloted with a small number of groups.

This will make it possible to run paid-for subscription Facebook Groups, without the need to use any third-party system or software to process payments and manage memberships. Admins will be able to manage the entire process within Facebook.

We will have to wait on the results of the pilot before Facebook decides if and how to roll subscription groups out to all Group admins.

You can read the full announcement from Facebook >> here <<

New Tools For Creators

Facebook has announced a number of new tools, which they say will provide “new ways for creators to engage and grow their communities, manage their presence, and build a business on Facebook.”

  • Interactive video – including polling on live videos and pre-recorded videos, and gamification for Live videos. This will give creators the opportunity to incorporate polls, quiz questions and challenges into their videos. If you’re interested in getting early access to these new features then you can apply >> here <<
  • Bringing more videos to Facebook Watch – videos from Pages will now have the potential to be shown in Watch.
  • Top fans – Creators will be able to identify and interact with their most loyal fans, who will receive a badge next to their name.
  • New Video Template – this new Page template will allow video creators to better highlight their video content and groups on their Page. For a step-by-step guide to changing your Page template, take a look at >> this video << – note that the new Video template is currently being rolled out so if it is not yet available on your Page do be patient.
  • Fan subscriptions – fans can choose to support their favourite Pages with a monthly pledge in exchange for perks such as exclusive content. This is being expanded but is not currently available to all Pages.

Read the announcement >> here <<

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