Hashtags are incredibly useful and powerful – they help people to discover your content, what’s not to love – but I know that they can also feel like a minefield for businesses to navigate!

Hashtags work differently on every social media platform, which may be leaving you a little confused as to where, when and how to use them.

This short but sweet guide is going to make it super easy for you to use hashtags with your social media posts from now on. No more worrying that you might be messing up or befuddlement as to why your hashtags seem to do diddly squat to get your posts found.

Feel free to bookmark this page and come back to it anytime you’re unsure about whether or not to include hashtags or how many you should be using.

Twitter Hashtags

Hashtags were born on Twitter so it makes sense to start there. If you remember just one thing about Twitter it should be this: less is more.

  • Use just 1-3 per tweet
  • Make sure they are relevant to your tweet

Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags are super powerful on Instagram – they will help your posts to get found and your account to grow, so make the most of them!

  • 15 – 30 hashtags per post
  • Up to 10 hashtags per Instagram Story post
  • Keep them relevant and specific to your post – if you only have 5 specific, relevant hashtags to use then that’s better than 30 broad or random hashtags. If you do have 30 relevant hashtags then that’s great!

Facebook Hashtags

Hashtags can be used on Facebook BUT they don’t bring the same benefits. In fact, they’ve often been found to lower the reach and engagement on Facebook posts.

You can read more about hashtags on Facebook in >> this post << but the simple rule of thumb is don’t use hashtags with Facebook posts unless it’s your own branded hashtag or #justforfun.

LinkedIn Hashtags

LinkedIn has embraced hashtags and you can now include;

  • Up to 5 hashtags on a post
  • Up to 5 hashtags with an article

Pinterest Hashtags

Pinterest has re-embraced hashtags (they were a thing, then they weren’t, now they most certainly are).

  • Include up to 20 hashtags in your pin description
  • There is no benefit in going back to old posts and adding hashtags – this will not help your older posts be found through hashtags, because of the way the algorithm works.

YouTube Hashtags

  • Include 1-3 hashtags in either the title or the description of your video
  • You can use a maximum of 15 – but keep them relevant and specific.

Bonus tip: if you have an idea for a hashtag in mind always check it out before you go ahead and use it. It only takes seconds to pop your hashtag into the search bar on whichever platform you’re posting to and check what other posts come up. If the other posts fit with what you’re sharing then go for it. If they’re completely unexpected or off-piste then think twice. And if hardly anyone else is using that hashtag then it might be worth ditching (unless you’re prepared to make it your thing!)

The Big Book of Hashtags!

The Big Book of Hashtags is a digital resource containing over 500 Instagram hashtags that will help your posts get found, attract new followers to your Instagram account and bring in business in a busy online marketplace!