Are your social media profiles making a fab first impression when people discover your business for the first time? Are your accounts helping you to convert followers into paying customers?

If the answer, to either question, is no or you’re not sure then now is an excellent time to spring clean your social media to ensure it’s in tip top condition and working in your favour.

Here you’ll find a list of tasks that you can work through, at your own pace, to spring clean your social media. There’s no need to work through the whole list in one go, unless you want to of course! This is a handy list to have to hand so that, when you have 5-10 minutes spare, you can simply choose one of the tasks and complete it in a small pocket of time.



  1. Check if your profile pictures and cover photos need updating
  2. Check your cover photos / header images on different devices – if it looks great on desktop but half the image or text is cropped off on a mobile device then you need to tweak the design.
  3. Review your about section / description / bio – your business may have evolved since you wrote your bios, so now’s the time to check they match with the current direction of your business.
  4. Ensure that all essential information is up to date including; contact details, opening hours, location, web addresses and links to other social media profiles.
  5. Update any pinned posts you have set up.
  6. Compare the social media profiles you have on different platforms – is the branding and messaging consistent? This doesn’t necessarily mean everything should be identical, because your strategy should absolutely be tailored to each different platform, but your brand should be recognisable across all platforms and your messaging in one place shouldn’t contradict your messaging in another.
  7. Google your business name and your brand name – this may throw up some profiles that you have long forgotten about. If you find any, either update or delete if no longer needed.


  1. Unfollow anyone or anything that’s showing up in your newsfeed and making you feel crappy.
  2. Review the groups you’re a member of – leave any that you’re no longer active in or no longer bring value to your life or business.
  3. Review the images you’ve shared on your social media accounts – consider deleting any that no longer reflect your brand, plus any images that are duplicated.
  4. Organise the videos on your Facebook Page and YouTube account into playlists.


  1. Review admin permissions on your social media accounts and remove anyone with admin access who no longer needs it.
  2. Change your passwords for every social media account using strong passwords, and set yourself a reminder to do this again in 2-3 months.
  3. Turn on two factor authentication in your security settings, for an extra layer of security.
  4. Check in settings which apps have permission to access your social media accounts – remove any that you no longer use.

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