Hashtags are a popular feature on many social media platforms, helping users to find content they’re interested in and join in conversations around particular topics. If you’re using hashtags on Facebook, however, you may be time to think twice.

Hashtags are supported by Facebook, which means that if you click on a hashtag you will be taken to a stream of posts that all include the same hashtag. You can also search for a hashtag in the search bar at the top of Facebook and you’ll be able to browse posts that mention that hashtag.

Why aren’t hashtags a good idea on Facebook?

Although hashtags perform the same role they do on many other social media platforms, they’ve never really taken off on Facebook.

Numerous studies have found that Facebook posts without hashtags gained better reach than those with hashtags, and hashtags often lead to significantly less engagement on Facebook.

It’s not clear exactly why hashtags have such a negative effect on Facebook posts, but they certainly seem to put people off!

Be wary of the crosspost

Many social media platforms allow you to re-share a post elsewhere, and most social media management tools will allow you to post the same content on multiple platforms at once.

What seems like a timesaver could actually be damaging your reach and engagement.

For example, if you post to Instagram you could be adding up to 30 hashtags to your caption and you can then share the exact same post to Facebook with just one tap.

It immediately feels automated and impersonal. If a couple of hashtags on a Facebook post can affect your engagement rates, imagine how your followers will react if they think that a post has been automated?

If you’re looking to foster engagement on your Facebook Page, remember that people want to engage with people, not bots. If they don’t believe there is a real person behind the page ready and waiting to converse with them then they might think twice before commenting.

People can still find your posts!

The good news is that Facebook has one of the most sophisticated search algorithms in the world of social media. If you search for a word or phrase on Facebook you will be shown a vast amount of content, as well as pages, people and groups that match your search criteria.

So if you’re worried that by losing the hashtags from your posts your content won’t get found, worry not.

One final note…

Don’t be afraid of using a tongue in cheek hashtag every now and again, it can add personality and make your fans smile, just don’t get carried away #justsaying

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