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Social media can be exhausting!

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter what stage of business you are at, the stress social media can cause does not discriminate between startups and six/seven figure businesses.
It can be unrelenting and with so much advice out there it is difficult to establish where you should be placing your attention.

It can feel like you are in a car, driving but without a destination. A never-ending journey of content creation, image sourcing, blogging, design and then back to the beginning again.

So, how can a Virtual Assistant help you stay on track with your social media?

There are numerous ways really, and I promise you now that working with a great Virtual Assistant (VA) is not only an amazing way to get more fabulous content out there but a way to develop a very collaborative relationship to keep those stress levels down and to push you to do more!

Content Library

This is a wonderful way to quickly hop out of the car with no destination!

There is a temptation to feel like you should be creating new content all the time, sourcing new images all the time and designing beautiful memes to go with those posts!

And let’s face it, content is king, whether you are posting 3 times a day or 20 times, capturing those posts really is like liquid gold!

Having a content library set up is a great way to see all sorts of things, such as:

  • The type of content your posting
  • Gaps in what you are posting (are you shying away from talking about a freebie or product more than once because you feel icky about selling?)

Having a gorgeous content library set up in something like Trello or Milanote is a great way to be able to grab content super fast, so for those times when you are up against it, going on your hollibobs or under the weather all your previous content is there for you to either grab and post quickly or for you to get your VA to use quickly to create some scheduled posts.

Never underestimate the power of a content library it will put a stop to the post something once only for it never to be seen again.

You will soon start to feel more comfortable using content more than once, particularly that essential evergreen content.


This can be a massive time saver if you’re savvy about using schedulers. I would always recommend using the scheduling tool direct in Facebook, but there are lots out there that you can use to schedule to platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Scheduling can be time-consuming, even once you have pulled all your content together, so having a Virtual Assistant do this for you can be a godsend! They will be familiar with lots of the scheduling tools out there and will soon have you in the flow of putting consistent content out to your followers.

Hashtag research

Now, this is a biggie, and one that I find is misunderstood by a lot of people! Hashtags are essential on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, but I see so many people spending lots of time creating amazing content without giving a second thought to accompanying hashtags. And let me tell you, it can lead to disaster!

Hashtags are king! Get it right and you can have more of the right people looking at your content, get it wrong and at worst you could damage your brand and your reputation.


This can be a beautiful thing if you are a creative who loves to design!

It can also be the entrance to the rabbit hole in Alice and Wonderland! You start off being really focused searching for the right images, fonts or design elements only to get sucked into something like Creative Market, Pixabay or Etsy and before you know it, poof! a whole morning has disappeared. A virtual assistant can help you produce image packs, e-books, memes and social banners all within your brand guidelines. When I do this for clients I usually have full access from their graphic designer, if they have used one to put together their brand guidelines, so I can help to maintain that consistent look and feel of everything they post.

Breaking down evergreen content

Are you using your evergreen content enough?

It is called evergreen for a reason – because it will never date and the information in it will remain relevant regardless of when it is posted!

But, did you know that you can break down this content into lots of mini bits of content?

For example:

  • A blog post that contains top tips can quickly be turned into memes or text top tips
  • A blog post could become an e-book
  • A blog post could become a text only post on social and vice versa
  • An existing e-book can also be broken down in a similar way

And the best bit is, a VA can do all this for you on a regular basis and save it in somewhere like Trello or Milanote to allow you to not only create posts but get as much value from your original content as you possibly can.

So, you see having a social media-savvy virtual assistant as part of your team really is a win-win for everyone! You get more great content out into the world, build a larger community faster and your crowd get to see and hear more from you – what’s not to love about that?

Victoria x

victoria lofthouse no drama delegation

Victoria is the proud owner and founder of No Drama Delegation. She supports small business owners and creative entrepreneurs with all things tech! She is super passionate that you should never ever have to change your goals or ideas again based on your fear of tech! She covers things such as social media support, online course support, e-marketing platforms such as MailChimp and lots more.

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