Do you feel like a hamster stuck on the wheel of never-ending content creation?

You’ve become a pro at creating fantastic content to market your business but now you’re beginning to feel like a content machine, and you have an inkling that’s not necessarily a good thing?

Here’s the thing – you don’t need to constantly be creating new content. In fact, if you feel like a content creation machine right now then I want you to stop.

If you’re churning out new blogs, social media posts, videos and podcasts all the time then, no matter how excellent that content is, you may be doing your business, and yourself, a disservice. Creating great content is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to growing your online business. The other piece of the puzzle, the piece that’s often overlooked, lies in making an impact with each and every piece of content that you create. If you’re constantly in content creation mode then I’m betting that you’re not getting the maximum value that you could get out of your content. That means that you could potentially be reaching far more people and getting a greater return on your efforts, if only you stop creating so much content and start making more time for serious content promotion.

How to get better results from your content marketing

The likelihood is that you already have some kind of content promotion strategy. For example, when you hit publish on a new blog post you probably head over to social media and schedule some posts to promote the blog.

By making your promotion strategy more thorough and robust, however, you will get a much better return on investment from each piece of content that you create; more eyes, more engagement and, ultimately, more sales.

A great starting point is to consider each type of content you’re creating at the moment. This could look something like this;

⦁ Blog posts
⦁ Podcasts
⦁ YouTube videos
⦁ Facebook Lives

Next, take each type of content and make a list of all the places you could promote that content. For example:

Blog post;

⦁ Share on my Facebook Page (possibly multiple times)
⦁ Create a series of tweets
⦁ Share in Facebook Groups (those that allow you to promote your blog posts)
⦁ Share to your Instagram feed
⦁ Go on Instagram Stories and tell people about the new blog post
⦁ Share on LinkedIn
⦁ Go Live on Facebook and share one small part of the blog post as a teaser (for example, if it’s a list of 5 top tips, you could share one)
⦁ Reach out to contacts who might benefit from sharing it on their social media pages.
⦁ Include it in your email newsletter.
⦁ Add a link to your previous related content, and vice versa.

That list is by no means exhaustive, but it gives you an idea of the many different places where you could be promoting each piece of content that you create. From there you can decide when each of these things will happen; keep in mind that, ideally, you will be promoting each piece of content more than once and on more than just one day.

This is your starting point. As you work on promoting your content and treating it with close to the same attention that you would give to the promotion of a paid product or service, you will be able to tweak and refine your strategy based on what delivers the best results.

Finally, creating a content promotion strategy does not need to be overwhelming or add a huge amount to your workload. For a start, you may well be in a position where you can create less content and, instead, spend more time promoting and extracting more value from each piece of content. Better results for a similar amount of time spent – it’s a no brainer.

Secondly, what we’re looking at here is a repeatable process – making the strategic decisions in advance will make the process of promoting your content less time consuming and easier to implement consistently. It’s also the kind of work that’s easily outsourceable to a Virtual Assistant (VA) or Social Media Manager, allowing you to concentrate on creating great content, safe in the knowledge that it’s being put to good use and delivering the best return on investment.

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