Beckie Coupe

Social Media Consultant

Helping Soulful Entrepreneurs Shine on Social Media

I work with heart-centered, ambitious entrepreneurs to help them embrace social media to build the business of their dreams in a way that feels totally soulful and utterly enjoyable.

Where it began…

I started my career in digital marketing back in 2007, when “social media marketing” wasn’t even a thing yet and, as the youngest in the office, I was asked by my boss to set up a Twitter account and see if I could use it to bring in some orders.

I fell in love with social media right then and there!

There were no tried and test social media strategies back then so I basically had free reign to experiment and try all sorts of creative ideas to bring in business through social media. It suited me to a tee!

Since then, I’ve worked with hundreds of different businesses across many different social media platforms and I’ve never stopped dreaming up new ideas and putting them to the test. Nowadays we have analytics at our fingertips, which comes in super handy for putting strategies to the test, and I’m as happy with my head stuck in a spreadsheet or talking about algorithms as I am coming up with creative content ideas.

My Business Journey…

As well as being a marketing professional I am, of course, an entrepreneur.

That very first “proper” job I had was working for a small creative business that instilled the entrepreneurial spirit in me. As well as being given the freedom to experiment with social media to market the business, I had the opportunity to get involved with product development, I was able to help improve production processes, I spent time selling directly to customers, I looked after customers and their orders, I designed leaflets, I created email campaigns, I built websites, I delivered training to other staff… you name it, I’m pretty sure I did it, and I absolutely loved it!

From then on I knew that, one day, I wanted to be my own boss and build my own business.

Whilst I was a student, I started making and selling jewelery. Then I hosted jewelery parties, where people could learn how to make their own jewelery to take home. A couple of years later I teamed up with a friend and we catered for birthday parties and sold cupcakes at local events. Business was a hobby for me at this point, whilst I was working 9 to 5 as a PR and Social Media Exec for a Public Relations agency.

And then life threw me a curve ball…

Taking the leap…

Unfortunately, I fell ill in 2013 and had to spend some time in hospital. No-one was sure when I might be well enough to return to my current job but there was no way that I was going to put everything on hold and sit around doing nothing. I may not have been well enough to work a 9-5 but saw no reason why I couldn’t work around my health.

Looking back, I can see that the Universe was giving me the opportunity to pursue my dreams. It was time to stop “playing” at business and start seriously working on it.

When that realization hit me, I picked up the phone (whilst still in a hospital bed) and made some phone calls. I spoke to my old boss, colleagues, ex-managers, friends and family and I told them that I was going to be self-employed the following month – which would be 1st January 2014) and that I would be offering my marketing services. At this point that included everything from social media to search engine optimisation (SEO) to copywriting to PR.

I feel incredibly grateful that I was able to line up enough work that I was able to hand in my notice and become self-employed full time in the New Year. I was now in a position where I could look after my health and pursue my dream of running my own business. Talk about silver linings!

Word of mouth and networking was invaluable in those early days, but I also set to work building my online presence so that I could attract more clients and secure more work. I experienced first-hand what an incredible gift social media can be!

Fast forward to now, my services focus on the area of marketing that I’m incredibly passionate about – social media. I teach and support other entrepreneurs to use social media effectively to grow their own businesses and, in January 2018 another one of my dreams came true when I published my very first book – The Social Media Handbook for Soulful Entrepreneurs.

Social media has opened up so many opportunities for me and I now work with entrepreneurs all over the world to help them do the same!

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