Do you feel like you’re stuck simply going through the motions of creating content for your business? You’re stuck in create mode but what you’re creating just feels OK… it’s not blowing anyone’s socks off? It’s not making the impact you want it to with your crowd? And it’s not turning your followers into passionate paying customers.

If that sounds familiar, then read on as I’m going to share 3 top tips that will transform your content from just OK to awesome and impactful.

3 Simple Ways to Create Impactful Content for Your Business

1. Tune in to your audience

Even if you think you know what your audience wants from you, STOP right where you are and tune back in with your crowd.

When you’re stuck in content creation mode, it’s so easy to slip into creating what you think they want rather than what they actually want in this moment in time.

Your crowd is always evolving and the challenges that they face will change over time. Make sure you don’t lose sight of this and focus on creating content that speaks to where they are right now.

Grab your journal and start musing around what’s coming up for your crowd, where are they struggling, where are they doing well, what do they need help with? And if you’re not sure, then ask them! That’s the great thing about social media – you can open a two-way conversation with your audience and allow them to have input into what you create.

2. Focus on what your audience wants, not what they need

When we lose sight of what our crowd want from us, we can easily fall into the trap of creating what they need – or what we want them to want.

We know where we want to take them. We know what problems we want to solve for them. But that doesn’t mean that that is what they’re ready to hear right now. The role of the content you create (social media posts, blog posts, videos and podcasts) is to build relationships, educate your crowd about how you can serve them and establish trust. For the most part, it is not about fixing their problems in one large sweep – that happens when they are ready and willing to work with you.

If your content is falling flat right now, it’s not necessarily because it sucks; it may just not be what they want to hear right now.

3. Show don’t tell

This one always reminds me of my school days! It’s the key to creating content that nurtures relationships, establishes trust and turns your fans into paying customers.

You can tell me all day long how great your service is and how it is the answer to my problems but I’m unlikely to whole-heartedly believe you until you start showing me, rather than just telling me.

Say you’re a personal trainer, for example. You could tell me how weight training will help me lose body fat, gain muscle, improve my posture and so on, and that’s OK content. But awesome content would show me what this might look like. Whether it’s a before and after photo of one of your clients or it’s the story of how you’ve managed to reach one of your personal fitness goals through training – the proof is in the pudding, as they say. Now you’re beginning to show me, in a way that I can understand and relate to, what is possible for myself. Not only do I start believing in the results you talk about, but I’m also now excited about and committed to the process rather than entering into it reluctantly on the hope that what you say might be true.

So, you see, it’s not about making drastic changes to your content but, instead, re-aligning to what your audience wants and needs to hear from you and keeping this at the forefront of your mind as you create content.

The bonus is, I bet you already have stacks of content in the bag that simply needs a few tweaks here and there, with these 3 tips in mind, to take it from OK to awesome.

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