Instagram Stories has been growing rapidly since it launched back in the summer of 2016, and it is now being used by more than 500 million people every day!

But, despite their popularity, I know that lots of business owners are unsure about investing their time and efforts into Stories. You tell me that you don’t know what to post or you don’t understand the point of investing in ephemeral content (Stories only stick around for 24 hours).

If you want to find out why it’s worth investing in ephemeral content << pop over and give this blog post a read <<

I assure you, you can make a HUGE impact on your crowd through Stories, even though your posts only last 24 hours.

With that placed to one side, let’s take a look at the other stumbling block that trips so many business owners up when it comes to using Stories:

What do I post on Instagram Stories?

Here are 20 ideas to get you started on Instagram Stories – remember, it’s all about bite-sized content and connecting with your crowd!

  1. Introduce yourself: who are you and what do you do?
  2. What is your mission in business?
  3. Who do you help and support?
  4. Fun facts about yourself
  5. Talk about the services you offer
  6. Share photos of your products
  7. Show your followers what you’re working on right now
  8. A peek into what’s going on in your world (it doesn’t always have to be business related)
  9. Shout out the people who support you and your business
  10. Shout out Instagram accounts that you love
  11. Ask your crowd a question – use the question sticker or the poll sticker to make it super easy for them to respond.
  12. A photo of the book you’re reading
  13. Share an inspirational quote
  14. Share a post from your grid (hit the little aeroplane icon below any post to share it to your story)
  15. Demonstrate your product in a video
  16. Top tips that will help your crowd
  17. Talk about your latest blog post and let your followers know how to find it
  18. Promote your freebies
  19. Your view right now
  20. Invite people to sign up for your newsletter

There really is so much that you can do with Stories and there are lots of different built-in features that you can play around with to keep your Stories exciting and engaging. From stickers to gifs, photos to boomerangs, don’t be afraid to experiment – there are no rules and you aren’t going to mess up!

Embracing Social Media Stories

It’s worth noting that Instagram is not the only place where Stories are growing in popularity. Usage of Facebook and WhatsApp Stories is on the up and there are even rumours that LinkedIn is testing their own version of Stories.

So, if you’ve been resisting using Stories in your business then now is the time to start exploring the opportunities that Stories can offer.

If you need a helping hand then please don’t be afraid to ask. Over in my Art of Instagram programme I’m helping business owners, just like you, to get to grips with Stories and make the most of all that Instagram has to offer in order to grow their businesses. You can find out more about the programme right >> here <<

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