When you first set up your Facebook Page, I’m betting the #1 thing on your mind was “how do I get people to like my page?” If you’ve been working on your page for a while now, this question may have fallen off your radar but it’s still as important as ever.

If you stop attracting new followers you will stop attracting new business.

It won’t happen overnight, but over time your page will begin to stagnate and sales will plateau because you’re not feeding your sales funnel with new leads.

It doesn’t have to be difficult though, and you don’t have to rely on paid ads. Here are 15 easy ways to get more Facebook Page Likes:

  1. Add your Page as your employer in the work section of your personal Facebook Profile.
  2. Join in conversations in Facebook Groups – this is where the link on your personal profile to your Business Page comes in really handy as people can easily find & like your Page.
  3. Invite your Facebook friends to like the Page (but be discerning, only invite them if it’s going to be of genuine interest).
  4. Boost a post on your Page to a new audience or to friends of people who like your Page.
  5. Invite people who like your posts to like your Page.
  6. Post regularly! It may sound obvious, but the more often you post (without going overboard!) the more chance there is of friends of people who like your page seeing your posts.
  7. Add a link to your Facebook Page to your website.
  8. Share a link to your Page on your other social media accounts.
  9. Run a competition (this blog post will talk you through how to run a successful Facebook Competition)
  10. Update the About section on your Page regularly & include as much info as you can – it makes it easier for people to find your Page & helps you make a great impression on your followers.
  11. Guest blog for other businesses or publications; often they’ll share your post and tag your Facebook Page.
  12. Include a link to your Facebook Page in your email signature.
  13. Post memes on your Page; this type of content is super shareable and every share is an opportunity for someone new to find your Page.
  14. Always reply to the comments on your posts – sometimes those comments may be from people don’t yet like your Page, they’ve simply come across the post in their newsfeed, so value their comments and you could convert them into likes.
  15. Invite your email subscribers to carry on the conversation over on your Facebook Page.

All of these tips are designed with one thing in mind; quality over quantity.

Social media is not a numbers game; if you have thousands of followers but none of them is interested in what you have to offer then it means nothing.

The key to success is to play the long game. Concentrate on attracting the right people to your Page one follower at a time and your business will grow with your Page.

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